How the idea was born…

Every invention has the beginning, a date when idea was born and when it first saw the daylight. In our case idea came on 1-st of April, 2014! Precisely on that international day of jokes we couldn’t find on the market an electrical bicycle that would satisfy our desires, expectations and needs. That is how the idea was born to create two electrical bikes that wouldn’t look like any other and would be unique.

Concept was jot down really fast, design was born in seven minutes, after some time everything started to take shape.

On 21st of April first frame pipe was bent and we started, on 28th of April we drove out of garage on our first prototype. Ever since that moment our Chop-E attracts all looks and attention, doesn’t matter whether pedestrian or drivers attention – everyone notices!

Chop-E is meant for these people who want to stay unique in gray mass! It is here, but is headed into the future, for driving, it uses electricity and therefore does not contaminate the environment and the nature. Its use is as easy as of a conventional bicycle. On Chop-E You can ride practically noiseless and enjoy liberating joy from the wind on Your face experiencing new positive emotions every day!